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Laguna Beach, California Bridal Session

These two. This place. The perfect day.

I was not the lead photographer for this wedding, but the lead photographer Kayla Norton Photography was kind enough to let me take a few images of these beautiful humans. I have known Carolyn, the bride, since she was 4 years old. My childhood memories were surrounded by adventures at her family's home. Her family is my family.

These two chose to get married at the San Juan Capistrano Mission Inn and also had a separate couple session near Laguna Beach. If you haven't heard of doing a couple session on a different day from your wedding, then you should! It is the perfect way to get additional photos with your love without the pressure of keeping to a timeline on the wedding day.

My photos here will all be at the beach in Laguna and just a bit at the old Mission.

I hope you love these photos as much as I do. My main focus lately has been less posing, less perfect, and more imperfect imagery. I just want to encapsulate a moment whether that be clearly in focus or blurred to understand the movement and motion that occurred during the session. I am a huge fan of these imperfectly perfect moments.


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