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Photo by Shannon Yen 


I am an outdoors loving introverted soul who enjoys my own quiet time and time spent with other like minded souls. I relate to those who aren't afraid to question the world we live in. On my off days you can likely find me creating a tidy space at my home, taking care of my 20+ house plants, or out in the forest hunting for mushrooms. I love where I live and hope to contribute more of my life protecting the one planet we were given to live on.

When it comes to photography, I have been on a journey of self discovery to learn how to create images that mean more. I began taking photos when I was 12 years old and my inability to drive would only allowed me to capture the nature around my parents 2-acre property which consisted of a few oak trees, pine trees, and a whole lot of grass. Let's just say I had to get creative with what I could do, but I yearned to photograph people. I began my portrait photography with my sisters and closest friends and from there it blossomed into the photography that I capture today - carefree, perfectly imperfect humans in love. 



Recently, I had to take a step back and realign my why, my story, why I am a photographer. Self-reflection can be hard (like really hard), but I knew it had to be done in order for me to grow as both an individual and creative. I have never been able to describe the meaning behind my love for photography until I realized that the meaning was simple. I enjoyed love. I am a romantic at heart and always found happiness in the presence of another loving soul. I want to capture your love story and show the world what makes you powerful together. 

My photography is no longer for the perfect because to be quite honest, we aren't perfect. We are blurry, real, raw, and our life is full of grain. My photos are those who take a moment to slow down and enjoy the simplistic pleasures of life and the surroundings that make us who we are. I want to see the rain drops, the birds flying overhead, and the tiny mushrooms growing out of the earth. A photo session can be a lot more than a session - it can be a date and a memory between you and your love. Think less about the photos and more about the moments and that is where you begin to relate with my images. 

With all the love, Morgan Skye. 


You love the little moments - the imperfect photos. 

You don't need to be posed the entire session. You're okay with loving on your significant other and just hanging out!

The outdoors excites you: respecting the land you walk on is equally important.

A photo session is more than a photo session to you.
It's a time to capture a moment in time, a future memory. 

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