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Love and Waves ༄ Amanda and Sean

Amanda and Sean have one of my favorite love stories I've ever heard, and I've heard many over my time taking photos. They had a "meet-cute" movie moment. They met on a popular surfing beach on North Shore, Oahu. Sean, a passionate surfer, had just caught some waves and was heading home, when he crossed paths with Amanda relaxing on the beach with some friends. A brief but meaningful interaction led to an exchange of numbers, yet both soon forgot about their encounter as Amanda ended up moving away from the island and back to Florida where she is from shortly after.

Fast forward a year later, Amanda and Sean bumped into each other again in Hawai'i, completely unaware of their prior connection. Once more, they exchanged numbers and realized to their surprise that Sean had her number in his phone already! After trying to remember why on earth he had her number already, they remembered that day on the beach a little over a year prior. Little did they know that this serendipitous reunion would mark the beginning of a beautiful journey together.

Today, Amanda and Sean are expecting a baby, cherishing the unexpected path that brought them together. Their story represents theremarkable ways in which the universe aligns what is meant to be.


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