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Eloping to an Oregon waterfall is as magical as it sounds. Your day will be surrounded by the rush of water, the whispering of the pines blowing in the wind, and your witnesses will be nature. Imagine a quiet getaway in the woods where you and your lover run off to the waterfall to exchange vows and become one.

As an Oregon native, I love to both admire and respect the beautiful land here. Please be sure that you are planning a location that will have an adequate location for both photos and your small ceremony. If you choose to book me as your photographer, I would love to help with your planning and making sure all of the details workout.

Where to stay & waterfalls:

First start by choosing an area of Oregon you would like to stay. I recommend these 4 hub locations to look around. Once you choose an area to stay you can search really neat Airbnb's in the area. If you plan to have getting ready photos taken, do your research on the home - the interior aesthetic, the lighting, the colors (are the walls all wood?) probably best to avoid spaces with dark dingy colors! Your photos will turn out way better if you spend a little extra on a beautiful and well-lit space.

-Portland + Salem

  • Abiqua Falls

  • Latourell Falls

  • Silver Falls State Park


  • Sahalie Falls


  • Toketee Falls - This requires an interesting hike/crawl down to the falls so I warn anyone about going here

  • Watson Falls


  • Steelhead Falls

  • Tumalo Falls (summer only)

  • Proxy Falls (summer only)

**I will reveal a couple more hidden gems if you book with me**

Things to think about:

Waterfalls are loud + wet

The water pressure of most of the falls are pretty crazy, so if you're planning on standing right beneath one, you might want to think again! The mist can get you soaked in minutes depending on the falls as well, be sure to come prepared to leave a little wetter than planned.

Rough Trails

Most trails are wet, uneven, and muddy. Don't wear your best shoes! I 100% recommend wearing some cute hiking sandals or boots to accommodate the terrain and avoid a sprained ankle on your wedding day.

Time of Day/Week

  • Don't plan your session too early or too late. The forest is beautiful but it creates it's own shade which can be really dark for photos. Just be sure to set a time that make sense with when the sun sets.

  • Choosing a day in the middle of the week will be your BEST bet to avoid the crowds, especially for waterfalls near Portland! Some of the waterfalls I recommended above are heavily trafficked on the weekends.

With all this said, have fun, go with the flow, and love every moment of your elopement day! This isn't for the non-adventurous. This is for the adventorous nature loving souls who want to get a little wet, muddy, and crazy smiley on their wedding day.

Photos of a styled session hosted by Riley Jean Photo & Kayla Norton Photo

Florals done by the lovely Sugar Blossom Floral Co.

Makeup done by the talented Glamology Makeup

Hair done by the talented Madelyn Nadine Pdx.


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