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Oregon Coast Couple Session

I had been dying to check out these amazing cliffs at the Oregon Coast for such a long time. The ocean views here quite literally took my breath away. Emma + Ari were the perfect couple to come on this adventure with me. When we first started the hike, we got completely lost, and the trail was MUDDY! It is a wonder we didn't slip and fall on our butts multiple times haha. Emma also wore Ugg boots and I wore hiking shoes, yet I was the one who slipped and caught myself multiple times before falling. I think these moments really just come down to the memories of the session. Sure we could have walked perfectly to this cliff overlook with no problems, but such is life. We made a bit of a round-about way, but ultimately found the location.

I cannot wait to come back here again and see this beautiful location again to say hello to Gaia.

Couple: Emma + Ari

Instagram: @emmaandariphotos


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