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Elopement in Positano, Italy

Gi and Trace decided to forgo the traditional wedding and head off to Italy, just the two of them + me (their designated 3rd wheel, photographer friend) haha! I photographed the entire trip on both my 35mm Minolta camera or my Canon digital camera.

Lounge chairs at Positano, Italy.
Positano, Italy

We explored Positano, Amalfi, and Rome.

The experience was nothing short of perfect.

We went to Italy in mid-April which can be a bit of a worry due to weather but we lucked out and had absolutely amazing weather the entire trip. The weather was sunny and 70 degrees almost everyday. Positano the town was filled with such lovely people, vendors, food, and beautiful views. My only suggestion about Positano is to plan ahead for the cost of tourism. It's a tourist town so everything is more expensive than other towns in the area. If you are looking for somewhere to go that is a bit more local and cheap I would definitely recommend staying in Sorrento and then taking a private drive or bus down the coast line to explore.

In Positano we got to rent a private boat ride which cost around $250 for the three of us to go out for 1.5hrs (this included champagne strawberries and chips) and a neat tour of the coastline as we went down. Boat rentals are pretty easy to make happen, there are multiple booths right down by the beach that offer services. Be sure to ask at least 1-3 days in advance to ensure you get a good time slot - I highly suggest sunset as the sun sets right behind the hills of Positano.

The boat ride cost 250 Euros for a 1.5 hour ride for 3 people
Boat ride in Positano

Another experience that we all loved was Pompeii. I only took some *shitty* iPhone photos there, but it was such a neat historical experience. My only tip is SKIP the tour. Just pay the entry fee and get a me!

After a lovely experience on the Italian coast we headed to Rome for a few days. In Rome, we explored the Vatican, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, various Catholic Churches, various coffee shops, and yummy restaurants. I stayed just a walk away from the Pantheon which was probably the best location from what I could tell.

Woman smoking on her balcony overlooking the Pantheon
Italian woman enjoying a smoke.

Tips for visiting Rome:

- Good walking shoes are a MUST. It is way more efficient to walk everywhere or rent their scooters. They have a scooter system that only costs a few dollars and helps cut way down on walking time. Be prepared for a bumpy ride though, most of the roads are cobblestone.

-Most restaurants will charge a dining service fee. It's kind of like a tip and it typically 2-3 Euros per person

-It's busy. We went in the off season and there were crowds. Wake up extra early to see tourist locations with little to no crowds

-Take a night walk through the street, it's such a fun experience to see everyone out having the time of their lives

-Wine. Buy wine at these little markets, it's maybe 8 euros for an entire bottle of wine and it's way too fun just walking around the street or Italy drinking off your wine bottle - locals might stare, but who cares!

If you ask me again if I would head back to Italy for an elopement, I would say yes times a million. I cannot wait to go back and explore the beautiful country again.



Photographed entirely on 35mm film


35mm film + digital images


Photographed entirely on 35mm film


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